• DreamHack Winter

    Dreamhack Winter

    DreamHack Winter recently took place in Sweden, and the event is growing for each year. This year DreamHack Winter was visited by more than 50 000 persons, of which 23 400 were unique units and 10 000 visitors were coming to DreamHack with their own computer! During 72h e-sport is played all day long. Worldwide E-sports are growing in incredible rate, and since 2010 Sweden has sent DreamHack Winter live on one of the biggest TV-channels.

    Big Image production has been filled with banners and décor for DreamHack, and a total of 1500 sqm were delivered to the event.

    Nov 30, 2016 | Full story
  • Mirror foil for effect


    To the stage setting of “Un Ballo in Maschera” the scenographer wanted to decorate the walls with mirror foil, with the thought of giving the walls a little more depth thanks to the mirror effect. In the scenography they wanted to give the walls a dark, patinated feeling, where it towards the edges would be painted all black, but at the same time it was important that the wallpaper would be experienced as lively and glossy. The digital original was a small pattern report of each wallpaper, and Big Image had to start off by making it into a repetitive pattern. The choice of not printing the color directly onto the mirror foil was because of the risk of not being able to correct the patinated but at the same time lively color they wanted afterwards, and the effect of the mirror foil was very important. After the pattern was printed they chose to hand paint it with thin bright colors, which maintained the effects of the mirror foil’s surface.

    Nov 30, 2016 | Full story
  • Backdrop for Stockholm International Film Festival

    Stockholm Film Festival

    For Stockholm International Film Festival 2016, Big Image helped out with a backdrop for the studio interviews. The backdrop was printed with our Day-to-Night technology, so when backlighting the backdrop the film crew could make the logo glow in the camera, pretty cool effect according to us!

    Nov 23, 2016 | Full story
  • First Community Cinema in Gambia!

    Sofanyama Kunda

    The first Community Cinema in Gambia is about to become reality! Earlier this week Aida and Elias from Sofanyama Kunda were at Big Image to pick up a cinema screen that Elias will bring to Gambia in the middle of December. Sofanyama Kunda is a platform for music, culture and art located in Kembujeh, Gambia. We love how the founder, Aida, is expressing her passion about Sofanyama Kunda:

    Nov 18, 2016 | Full story
  • "Noir & Blanc" at Dansmuséet

    Dansmuseet Exhibition

    Last week Dansmuséet in Stockholm opened up for their new exhibition “Noir & Blanc”, showing the legendary time of the 1920s in Paris. After the Great War, artists from across the globe found their way to the city where anything was possible, both in art and in life. Jazz took hold of France, and there was an explosion of interest in art from Africa. Everything “African” became fashionable, even if it had little actual connection to Africa itself. 

    Nov 14, 2016 | Full story
  • Printed wood on textile fabric to the musical Donna Juanita

    Donna Juanita

    Donna Juanita is a newly written musical by Johanna Garpe and Erik Norberg which takes its starting point in Hasse Alfredsson and Tage Danielsson freed Donna Juanita from the revue "Spader, Madame!" She was the sister of Don Juan. Donna Juanita is a musical journey through Sweden in the world from 1960 to 2016. Gina Dirawi makes her debut on the stage as Anita / Donna Juanita. Donna Juanita has received smashing reviews from several major Swedish newspapers such as “Dagens Nyheter” and “Svenska Dagbladet”. Lars Östbergh did the set design, and Big Image printed backdrops that would resemble wooden walls. We had the privilege to ask Lars Östbergh a few questions:

    Nov 08, 2016 | Full story
  • Printed Wings & Big Image

    Printed Wings Commercial

    10 years ago, Remi Campbell Jones and Lars Lundberg got in contact with Big Image discussing the idea of being able to print on paragliders. They knew that the potential of this project was huge for the extreme sport industry, but at this point of time printing on thin nylon fabric was not possible.

    Oct 31, 2016 | Full story
  • Final presentations of Acoustic project

    Konstfack Acoustic Project

    Last week we visited Sweden’s biggest art school, Konstfack, for final presentations of the course “Industrial Production”, which has been the first course of our cooperation together. The students have designed own patterns and worked with sound absorbers from Big Image. We were totally amazed by the final result and the creativity and dedication the students have given into this task. We’re looking forward to extended and more cooperations!

    Oct 18, 2016 | Full story
  • Exhibition Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

    Bikini Berlin Opening

    “Everything You Can Imagine Is Real” – Bea Szenfeld is exhibiting selected creations from her “Haute Papier” collection at Bikini Berlin.

    The “Everything You Can Imagine is Real” exhibition by Swedish artist Bea Szenfeld revolves around her collection “Haute Papier” – The White Collection. Her elaborate paper costumes will be on show at BIKINI BERLIN from 8th – 29th October. Last Friday, 7th October, the exhibition was officially opened by Queen Silvia of Sweden!

    Oct 12, 2016 | Full story
  • Cut out words for relaunch of Below Beneath

    Below Beneath

    Last week Below Beneath had a relaunch for their cultural plattform www.belowbeneath.se. They wanted to decorate the event with their new categories: the Art (konsten), the Litterature (Litteraturen), the Life (Livet), the Music (musiken), the Poetry (Poesin), the Stage (Scenen) and the Screen (skärmen) and also with their logo. We did this by cutting out the words and their logo, and we thought it turned out really cool!

    Oct 03, 2016 | Full story
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